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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is Chaired by the President of the Board and works closely with the Head of School and the School Accountability Committee to continuously review components of the educational program at Mountain Middle School to ensure promotion of the Mission and Vision of the School, specifically the academic and social achievement of MMS students (with consideration being given to a safe and supportive culture, technology, the integrity of the Project-based learning model, and the collaborative nature of school programming, assessment and community involvement). In addition, this committee is responsible to driving execution of imperatives identified by the Board in its annual strategic plan to meet the strategic goals of the organization. This committee will utilize several data points to meet it’s objectives including but not limited to academic assessments and standardized test scores, the school Unified Improvement Plan, parent and student surveys (initiative by the SAC), staff interviews, feedback recommendations and requests of the Head of School. The committee will present reports on activities and priorities to the Board at regularly scheduled Board meetings.

Budget and Finance Committee

This committee is responsible for the development and presentation of an annual financial plan (budget) to the Mountain Middle School Board of Directors for approval each fiscal year, in accordance with the timelines for reporting budgets set forth by the Colorado Department of Education. This committee will work closely with the Head of School and Business Manager to proper ensure oversight for operational execution of the approved budget. This committee will present updated financials to the Board for review at regularly scheduled Board meetings, as well as budget amendment reports for approval each January. This committee will ensure and will oversee the performance of an independent, annual financial audit for school operations.

School Accountability Committee

The function of the SAC is to provide oversight and advice to the Head of School. It is anticipated that the Head of School and the Board representative will have a great deal of input into the work and composition of this committee. The committee’s main role is to assure that academic excellence, cultural excellence and positive teacher/student interactions are defined and communicated to the MMS Board of Directors. Committee tasks include, but are not
limited to:
1) Define and continue to refine what academic excellence, cultural excellence and student-teacher interactions means for Mountain Middle School,
2) Work with the school leadership/administration to devise clear and consistent ways to measure progress towards stated goals,
3) Work with school leadership/administration to set annual academic achievement goals, to be presented to the full board for approval,
4) Work with school leadership/administration to share with the board annual successes, barriers to reaching academic excellence, and strategies to overcome these barriers,
5) Arrange for Board training on issues related to academic oversight and
academic achievement, as needed,
6) Create specific measurable academic, cultural and student-teacher annual goals to be shared with the full board,
7) Report to the Board of Trustees at regular meetings of the Board in a manner determined by the Board,
8) Annually evaluate its work as a committee and the objectives it has committed itself to and report on same to the Board of Trustees.

Strategic Projects Committee

The task of ensuring adequate funding resources for the growth and continuous improvement of MMS is the responsibility of the MMS Board. The strategic projects committee is responsible for the planning, execution and follow up of at least one significant funding project per school year to help the school exceed its fiscal goals in pursuit of its mid and long term strategic objectives. Projects will be approved by the board annually at the start f the year and may run across multiple years if necessary. Such projects may include grant applications, community or electoral initiatives, capital fundraising campaigns, or significant facilities or resource acquisition pursuits (capital purchasing). The committee will present updated reports on the status of the project to the Board for at regularly scheduled Board meetings. This committee will work closely with the Head of School to ensure all projects are aligned to the operational and administrative plans of the school and the annual and projected school budgets.