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MOUNTAIN MIDDLE SCHOOL is a free, public, state chartered school located in Durango, Colorado, providing education to 4th – 8th grade students, with a focus on integrating technology into project-based learning in a safe environment.

MMS Mission

Mountain Middle School Vision Statement:

To be a distinguished educational community leader that empowers students to own their future.

Mountain Middle School Mission Statement:

Within a safe and supportive culture, Mountain Middle School integrates technology and project-based learning into a rigorous curriculum that prepares students to achieve their highest academic and social potential.

A Culture of Excellence

Insisting on high standards benefits all students!
“When students enter a family culture, a community culture, or a school culture that demands and supports excellence, they work to fit into that culture. A culture of excellence transcends race, class and geography; it doesn’t matter what color, income, or background the children come from. Once those children enter a culture with a powerful ethic, that ethic becomes their norm. It’s what they know.”

-From Ron Berger, An Ethic of Excellence

Habits of Heart and Mind
Fostering character is not an add-on at Mountain Middle School – it is embedded in all aspects of our school culture and permeates academic studies. Character is a focus all day long.

Mountain Middle School defines Habits of Heart and Mind as having two facets – relational character and performance character.

  • Relational character focuses on Respect and Integrity
    Relational character skills are essential for positive collaboration, ethical interaction, appropriate participation, and personal responsibility for actions.
  • Performance character focuses on Effort and Refinement
    Performance character skills (habits of scholarship) are needed to obtain a standard of excellence in academic or real-world endeavors.

Both types of character are essential for success in school and in life.

Academic learning at Mountain Middle School is seen not as an end to itself, but rather in service of preparing students to contribute to a better world. Therefore, all learning is character-based.