Mountain Middle School 

The founders recognized a need in the community for an alternative public middle school that focused on teacher-student interaction, collaboration, and problem-solving, while using technology for research and production, in a supportive environment. Mountain Middle School’s (MMS) charter was granted through the Charter School Institute, and it currently serves students in grades six through eight, from Durango and surrounding areas.

Mountain Middle School’s structure and programming is adapted from the highly successful High Tech High model, which emphasizes project-based learning. MMS has been well-received in the community, with increasing enrollment numbers each year and a waiting list for enrollment.

                        Latest News 

Enrollment is open to place your child on the wait list.

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Donor Offers Help To Fund Middle School

An anonymous donor has offered $50,000 toward the cost of buying Mountain Middle School’s building if the charter institution can match the amount.  See the entire article HERE

Mountain Middle School