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The founders recognized a need in the community for an alternative public middle school that focused on teacher-student interaction, collaboration, and problem-solving, while using technology for research and production, in a supportive environment. Mountain Middle School’s (MMS) charter was granted through the Charter School Institute, and it currently serves students in grades six through eight, from Durango and surrounding areas.

Mountain Middle School’s structure and programming is adapted from the highly successful High Tech High model, which emphasizes project-based learning. MMS has been well-received in the community, with increasing enrollment numbers each year and a waiting list for enrollment.


                        Latest News

Coming to Durango. Hosted by MMS: 
Most Likely to Succeed is a film taking the country by firestorm. The showing will take place Nov. 4th at the FLC concert hall. Stay tuned for more information.

This film should be watched by every caring parent and educator who wants to improve the learning process.—Cindy Johanson, Edutopia

Finland has announced that in their new national curriculum, they will emphasize project-based studies instead of traditional subjects, but a school in Norway abandoned teaching subjects 40 years ago.  See the article.

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